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DGFT DSC for Foreign Trade

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Invention of Digital Signature Certificate leads to Feasible Foreign Trade!

An Outlook on Digital Signature Certificates as well as Foreign Trade

Whether you are Export Company or Import Company or any EXIM company, in any case, you can request for licenses on the web world. In other words, you can even file additional documents on the DGFT portal in digital way.

Why DGFT is required while processing Import or Export transaction:

As Digital Signature Certificate guarantees legitimacy of the document, and so DGFT has become accountable for the utilization of Digital Signature Certificates along with entire catalogue of digital documents on the website of DGFT. Alternatively conveying, each and every company which is EXIM requires to essentially possessing of a Digital Signature Certificate for all operations and deals interconnected with portal of DGFT.

Once the task of confirming the sender’s recognition, legitimacy of documents and confirming of the DGFT, DSC gets accomplished, then documents require to be tooled for license issuing. Along with convenience, DGFT portal offers facility of online application submissions in order to decrease up to 50% in license fee for all the companies which are EXIM based. The companies can stop or avoid dishonest and illegal practices like identity robberies by filing the entre bills through digital signature certificate.

Suppose documents are filled up via Custom House officers by a company then it is significant that DSC join all the filed documents. A Digital Signature Certificate with class 3 is very much necessary for any company looking out for any Export or Import License. The company will require to get registered in the name of one delegate approved to express on behalf of the company.

Actually, the Digital Signature Certificate is identified with the aid of legal process. And so, entire catalogue of documents which makes use of Digital Signature Certificate is regarded as on the same level with manually signed documents. Furthermore, influence upon the advantages provided upon them via the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.