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DSC for E-Ticketing

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E-Ticketing (IRCTC)

This process is used in Indian Railway and it monitors the tourism, catering and electronic ticketing functions for the railways. Rail travel service officials are licensed to buy tickets and safeguard reservations on account of the travelers.

With the intention to fulfill the procedure with safety, the theory of Digital Signature Certificate is commanded for online ticket issues by the officials who are given the license. Hence, each and every official with license requires a particular class 3 digital signature certificate. After the class 3 DSC is acquired, the licensed official will require to outline it via principle officer.

After the user login on the portal, there is a report which will confirm the validation of digital signature certificate of class 3. In case, the digital certificate confirms to be validated, the report will permit the user to order numerous tickets as per the desires of officer. The officer can book any number of tickets and there is no limitation on it.

Why Digital Signature Certificate is important for me?

Your identity with regard to digital and online terms gets validated with the aid of digital signature certificate. You even receive extreme level of protection for the transactions you make digitally by making sure that there is complete privacy of the details which are exchanged while utilizing digital certificate. Encryption of details in a manner that only the planned receiver can read it is possible with the usage of certificates. You can even sign details electronically to guarantee the receiver that it has not customized during the transit, and even examine your identity as a message giver.

Required Certificate for ICEGATE:

Class 3