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DSC for MCA (ROC) / Income Tax / GST Filling

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For more flexible and easy transactions between Digital Signature Certificate and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Registrar of Enterprises)

With the support of Digital Signature Certificate, it becomes simple and flexible to make several transactions associated with Registrar of enterprises or Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Digital Signature certificate not only saves the time but also supports in making data protected.

Glimpse on Ministry of Corporate affairs and Digital Signature Certificate:

Any enterprise or agency can make an application for Digital Signature Certificate in order to deal with transactions comprising of Ministry of Corporate affairs. Nevertheless, organizations that surpass revenues of around INR 60 lakhs require to compulsorily utilize a Digital Signature Certificate during the time they are filing returns. As per the law provisions, a Digital Signature is regarded as a legitimate acceptable tools.

Digital Signature certificates arrive in several series which meet the particular requirements. You need a Digital Signature Certificate of class 3 and class 2 group in case you are e-filing on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs gateway.