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DSC for Employee Provident Fund

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In India, at present, employers are capable of utilizing Class 2. They can even utilize Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for presenting their working Pf transfer application form on the internet

Your task, your operations can turn out easily, conveniently and economic in managing your employee Pf transfer application forms with the aid of digital signature certificates. The employee’s authorized signatories make usage of digital signature certificates to sign in digital way. Moreover, they can report the form on internet. The forms are placed in Employer Online Transfer claim gateway.

Employer Online Transfer claim gateway and Digital signature Certificate:

EPFO has presented a latest process to encourage transfer claims submission on web by participants with an aim. Basically, the aim is to convert the transfer system into well organized, transparent and cozy process for the employees. There are two choices for a participant to present his claim. One is via his current employer and other is previous one. On this gateway, employers can perform several tasks like viewing all claim requests in easy manner, doing correction or examining the member information, sanction and submit the requests on the internet. It is very much necessary to possess digital signature of the authorized person in order to make online submission of the claims.

Digital Signature Certificates arrives in several kinds in order to meet the particular requirements. It is necessary to have a Digital Signature Certificate concerning 3 class and 2 class group so that one can sign in employer Transfer claim gateway in digital manner.